Your license needs updating

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As a local administrator it may also be necessary to disable the anti-virus software.Start the Solid Network License manager and on the administration tab select the “Modify” button.That completes the upgrade of Solid Network License manager.

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The information in this post has been put together to make the process as smooth as possible.

Installation will go no further if it is not accepted. Select your preference on whether to join the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Program and then clilck “Finish”.

Joining the program does not mean you will be contacted by SOLIDWORKS, but it does report information (log files) which can be used to improve the software and also populate the information on your CAD Admin Dashboard on the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

Upgrading the license manager is recommended, although uninstalling the older version first, before installing the new version is a option, but not necessary. Check the next dialog box as it will give details of the installation path and serial numbers to be used.

The background downloader can be disabled at this stage.

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